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Locally-owned and managed, Sunshine Coast Magazines brings a fresh, new approach to delivering engaging content and information to the residents of the Sunshine Coast. Our magazines merge the tradition of print with the power of digital media.

The printed magazine captures a more traditional demographic while the digital version isenhanced with videos, website links and powered for instance sharing on social media.

With over 30 years in the publishing industry, we’ve built an extensive network of industry writers, bloggers, editors and freelancers who provide their perspectives on a wide variety of topics.

But it’s more than just a monthly publication. Each magazine is supported by a network of local businesses, professionals and service providers who are eager to support the lifestyles and well being of those who make this slice of paradise their home.And the whole Sunshine Coast community benefits when they are supported.

Advertise With Us

Sunshine Coast Magazines provides businesses with trendy, engaging print and digital magazines that focus on niche markets.

The content of our magazines is created and designed to engage with readers. Our magazines make a splash.

And with our unique back-to-back printing makes our magazines memorable. That’s great for advertisers.

We’re the only monthly magazine serving the Sunshine Coast. This monthly rhythm builds the audience that you want to reach.

The go2pagesarerevised and updated each month and included in each magazine. We make it easy for customers to find you.

And our rates will blow you away.

Our Charity

The Hippo Water Roller

Sunshine Coast Magazines is a Corporate Partner and Sponsor of the Hippo Water Roller Project.

For most of us, clean water comes with the twist of a tap. But in rural Africa, access to water requires hours of walking, waiting in line and heavy lifting.

On average, a woman spends six hours a day collecting and transporting water to supply her family’s daily needs. The time spent on this basic necessity keeps many children out of school and prevents women from engaging in more empowering activities and income-generating work.

The simple design of the hippo water roller allows the transport of water more easily and efficiently by placing the water inside its “wheel.” A full hippo roller holds 200 lbs of water – five times the amount possible using traditional methods. But because the weight is borne on the ground, it has an effective weight of just 22 pounds allowing even children to easily manage a full roller over most types of terrain.

Empower a woman -- and give her children an educational opportunity -- by changing a simple daily chore.



Luke Vorstermans

Luke Vorstermans

Publisher, Home & Garden


    Linda Ryan

    Linda Ryan

    Publisher, Health & Fitness


      William Darnell

      William Darnell

      Manager – Digital issues



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